Josh Brolin and Kathryn Boyd Hit the Gym in Los Angeles


Josh Brolin and spouse Kathryn Boyd left infant Westlyn at home to appreciate some couple time together on Friday.

The couple gazed adored upward as they walked clasping hands in Venice, California, going to the rec centre together.

Brolin, 51, put his arms in plain view in a white tank top which was sliced low to flaunt his conditioned build.

Josh flaunted his muscles in a tank top while Kathryn donned dark stockings and tee for the trip.

Josh and Kathryn respected their first youngster, a young lady named Westlyn, back in November.

Prior in the week, Josh shared a lovable video of Westlyn snickering while

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Man, there’s nothing like home. Walking out of my house this morning, the moon still out, ocean brisk and dewy clean — last night was a rite of passage; a shifting perception as I opened my eyes this morning my daughter between my wife and I up breath, down breath, up breath, down breath — there’s no place like home. And as I walk down to the sea I think of last night and of all the grand stories I’ve seen in my lifetime from the first “Star Wars” to “Lord of the Rings” to even the great characters of “Harry Potter”, “Avengers: Endgame” hints at each and adds so much of its own. But it’s the big picture people, the Favreau’s, the Feige’s, the Russo’s, the Alonzo’s, who move me this morning. It’s the Plentimaw Fish who swallow the old and regurgitate the newly spun. They are of that legacy of a small demographic who put together an era, and with it experiences you will never forget. De Mille had his. Lucas. John Ford. Kubrick. Coppola. And now the women are thriving in creating our present and future eras, defining perceptions of other misfits and heroes. Last night was the end of an era and the beginning of a new one in film. Actors are needed pieces of a puzzle that is so big, the table it sits on is so large, that most can’t fathom what they are a small part of. “Avengers: Endgame” is a reminder what the culmination of family looks like and how a nourishment of hope manifests. Film reminds us why it is good to be home, and who in that home humbly and or wildly resonates; that we are all such characters, desperately searching for our righteous place; and touches us because there is nothing like when you get to the end of “Rocky” or “Gone with the Wind” or “ET” and are truly moved. I remember those moments so well, like I’ll remember waking up next to my wife and daughter this morning, wondering as a wander about from head to heart, round and round again.

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